Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TV Language

To escape reality I watch TV.  [Moment of judgement]

I use it when it's not my daughter's fault Mommy isn't lively (like running on 5 hours of sleep).  Or when she is sick.  Or when I desperately need her to be focused on something while I sneak out of the room to do something. [Another moment open for judgement.]

Recently Ellie has gotten more aware of the TV and I have to watch what she is hearing and seeing.  However she loves music so there's some fun shows that I let her watch.  It's always so cute to watch her dance and "sing" along with them. :) [No judgement needed here.]

Ellie's favorite shows as of now include:

1. Sesame Street ....she loves Elmo.  She spots Elmo everywhere.  At the grocery store, on a shirt, a book, etc.  The other day I was at Once Upon a Child and saw a shirt for $2.50 that has Elmo all over it.  She's currently wearing it today.  She points at it saying "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo" since it has numerous Elmo's on it. :)  It kept her entertained while I continued to shop that day.  She lights up at night when I put her night-time diaper on since it's her "Elmo diaper."

2. The Voice  ....she loves music, singing, dancing, must I say more?  It's fun because it's not a kiddy show so I don't go crazy while watching it.

great season on right now!

3. Disney Junior Channel ....yeah, Saturday morning she loves it how my parent's have Direct TV.  There's a lot of cute shows on there that she likes.  And if my hubby is around it's fun to tell him, "For breakfast just give her some applesauce or yogurt and the Disney shows."  (He let's me stay in bed sometimes.  Worth it!)  ...When your hubby is willing to get up on a Saturday morning you don't complain what you let him do, instead you EMBRACE IT. :)

Doc McStuffins

4. Dancing with Stars .....more dancing and lots of music.  Luckily she can't tell how little they wear. :p

5. Clifford .....she continues to point at the screen saying, "Abby" (my parent's dog's name).  Very funny!  I continue to tell her it's Clifford or "doggy" but she still persists in saying Abby.

When those shows are not being watched and Ellie is napping I like to catch up on some shows like (not in any particular order):

1. Criminal Minds .....can't get enough of those good actors!!  Yes, some episodes are pretty creepy, but I like how they focus on the MINDS of the criminals.  Some of the newer ones are getting a little too much when they focus more time on the criminals and less on the people trying to figure them out.  I don't like watching the bad guys torturing people in gross ways.


2. The Blacklist ...hubby and I love this show!  So many twists!!  It's normally on Monday nights!

3. The Big Bang Theory .....feels weird to type out full name.  I usually just call it Big Bang.  Lots of sexual added stuff but lots of funny science/awkwardness jokes too .  Love it!  Hubby and I love to watch it when we need a half hour show to just chill and relax.

Get your nerd on!

4. Ellen DeGeneres ....(should of put this on the list of shows Ellie likes)  There's so much music in it!  Yesterday's episode was hilarious!!  Funny stuff!

from an older episode

5. Dr Phil ...Jon and I have recently kept up on it.  Other people's crazy life makes ours seem much more normal.

6. Parenthood ...lots of drama but I end up tearing up EVERY episode.  Can't miss it!

7. Gilmore Girls ...no more new episodes (boo!) but they still play reruns IN ORDER and I got my mom interested in it recently.  Now my mom and I have a show to watch together.  It's fun to finally see her interested (after years of trying) and watching her see why I love the show so much.  When each episode ends I love how she says, "just one more!"

8. Hollywood Game Night ....for late night laughs and fun!  I love watching celebrities struggle on simple games....makes them seem more human! :)  It's also fun to see them out of their element!  There are games on that show that I would be terrible or good at!  What a fun variety!

What are your favorites?  I've probably forgot some of my favs!  Help me recall some good ones! :)

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