Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Valentine

Sorry, it's been awhile since my last post.  I've been stretching my thoughts to try to think of something to share.  Something mind-blowing (ha!), thoughts on Scripture, updates on life, or something I'm completely clueless about.  Because where's the fun in knowing what you're posting about?

There's been a lot going on in the past month actually, but until I can share all of those fun-filled things I'll just share details about Valentine's Day.  (In about a week I can share more details, but until then here's how February 14th played out.)

See, I'm a crazy head over heels for romantic gestures.  Oh, poor hubby of mine.

And see, my sweet husband is not a gift person, calendar, well, planner in general.  That's why we work so well.  We're a team.  I keep track of birthdays, our calendar, and just day-to-day so we don't miss anything.  And he keeps me sane when I go crazy with everything I have in mind to handle it all.

This all helps me explain Valentine's Day.  Because when I asked Jon what we were going to do his reply, "Is Valentine's Day in January?"

Oh, my dear love.  It's February 14th.  Well, at least he thought it was earlier than it actual was!

I knew this going into our marriage, which is a super duper good thing.  Why?  Because in my little planner kind of mind, I could plan for my husband to not know when holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or anything that's "on the calendar."  It's better to already expect those kinds of things.  Seriously ladies.  It's good.  When you already know you're the one that gets in touch with in laws of birthday parties, gift ideas, etc.  It's just that much helpful.

So, moving on.  The night before Valentine's Day my husband and I had some really funny conversations.  Now, it's all perspectives.  I could have been really annoyed with these conversations we were having to have, but I knew my husband.  And he doesn't purposefully forget Valentine's Day.  He remembers my birthday and our anniversary and that says a LOT! :)  One of the conversations was him realizing he didn't get me anything (yet) and made a joke about it.  I could either laugh along side of him or get all mad at him and walk away...or whatever.  What did I do?  I laughed.  Really hard.

Honey, you are so darn funny.  How could I do anything, but laugh?

On the top of his head he came up with a funny poem he was "planning on giving me."  It was so hilarious.  Long story short, we went to bed that night and I gave him an idea that was simple but didn't have to be done.  It was just an idea.

He did it.

After he got off work he stopped at Walmart to get me a card.  He came home and walked straight to our office/guest bedroom telling me to not follow him.  While I was waiting I was just smiling.  Ellie was adorable.

Her and I had both been ready for the past hour or so.

And I couldn't be more excited about going to Applebees.  They have this great 2 for $20 deal that I was super excited to use for our Valentine's dinner (one appetizer and two entrees from limited options).  No cooking and no cleaning up!  Jon even said I could have dessert there too.  It's my very favorite dessert on the planet.  So, yeah I was thankful. :)

After a 20-30 minute wait, we got our table.  While waiting for our appetizer, we got Ellie out to enjoy so she would be content once we got our food.  Plus I didn't get her all dressed up and cute for her to sit in her car seat where no one could see her! ;)

Jon and I had some great discussions with new "stuff" that is coming in our near future.  (Which a future blog post will help explain.)  Tried to ignore the table behind us where a mom was dealing with a two and four year old and lets just say after numerous threats the four year old still did not want to obey.

While waiting for our food we opened our gifts to each other.  For Jon I got him a card and wrote a note (his favorite kind of gift).

Jon's is words of affirmation
Jon had given me a card from Walmart but also put a few hearts inside which were "coupons."  Each coupon had a chore he would do for me around the house.  Whenever I give one to him, he will do the chore with out complaint.

While eating dinner he couldn't finish his entree.  However I was completely finishing my steak, veggies, and potatoes (yes even after eating an appetizer).  Knowing my hubby, something was off.  What's up babe?

I thought this would taste different.  It's okay, but I would still pick *that* burger over this.  (That burger he found recently he has said it's his favorite burger.)  I told him go ahead and order the burger.  I felt so bad for him.  "Honey you should really like your meal.  If anything say something.  I'm sure they would understand."  But, no.  That's my sweet hubby.  Eats half of it and takes the rest home in a box.

And if you were wondering, we finished off that dessert good.

So yeah, I ate EVERYTHING on my plate that night.

I love nursing (eating for two!) with out prego sickness!  awww, a piece of heaven! :)

But back to Valentine's Day....

Once we got home I fed Ellie and put her to bed.  Then we watched The Dark Knight Rises (yeah for netflix!).  In those moments, I was thinking to myself.

Some hubbies go all out for Valentine's Day (flowers, romantic meals, etc.)
Some hubbies go simple and sweet (card, flowers, babysitters, etc)
Some hubbies go cheap but meaningful (kids, heart pizza, family games, etc)

While my hubby might forget, get me a card the DAY OF, and never hand me a rose.  I can smile and say, "My hubby gives me more than a card could say, more than a rose could give, or more than time could explain."

He comes home with open arms to our daughter, quickly runs to make the day special, and willingly gives up his favorite meal so I can have mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope you got a chance to spend it with someone you love.

I sure did.

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