Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All uphill from here

My positive, motivated thoughts on moving have not changed.

We have no idea exactly where we will be living in the Ames area....yet.  But until then my parents are letting us crash in their basement.  Which is really nice of them.  A huge blessing while we search homes, and Jon starts his new job on March 11th.

My week is not going how I had hoped.  I was so excited to return from the weekend and get unpacked, laundry done, and start packing boxes until my fingers were taped together!

However Sunday night I had to stop.

I went to bed feeling a little uneasy.

Then about 2am I woke up even more uncomfortable.  From then on until 7:30am I had the stomach flu (chills, sweats, garbage bag, etc).  You get the idea. : /  Uuugh....just a bunch of ickyness.

Poor Jon could not sleep through it.  He had to return to work by 8am and I kept Ellie in bed with me all day.  She took great naps for me and we did fairly well considering.  (So thankful for a sweet baby!)  She let me nurse her while I was laying down.  Changing her diaper made me feel a little nauseous but other than that we did just fine.  I took a nap whenever Ellie did.

As soon as Jon came home (hallelujah for gingerale!)  I enjoyed some toast, applesauce, gingerale, and some more crackers.  I wasn't feeling nearly as nauseous but just had an empty stomach that hurt.  It was still unhappy with me.

The next morning (today) I woke up feeling a lot better.  But I get full really fast.  I was able to do some laundry.  And get a little bit more food in me.  I was able to have Ellie return to her crib for naps.  I don't feel nauseous anymore, just winded.  I have moved myself out to the couch now. :)

Yes, it definitely slowed my week down.  However I will NOT let it effect the way I need to get a LOT done within the next week!  I can't wait for this next step in our lives together as a family.  We will miss things (and people of course) here in Cedar Rapids, but we know God has something in store for us.

So here's to "a couple days off of my schedule this week" and thanking my hubby for being so willing to help his poor sick wife!  And to thanking Ellie for leaving her poopy blowout for TODAY rather than yesterday! ;)

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