Friday, February 8, 2013

Are you a sinner?

Our pastor here in Cedar Rapids said something on Sunday that I've been thinking about all week.  We look at the Bible and read these stories as if the people in them were so strong in their faith that their story is in the Bible for us to recall.  However he continued, not so.  These men and women are human.  Just like us.  That's why they are in the Bible for us to read about.

It's a reminder for us to see that God loves us where we are.

Monday night speaker at Perspectives said something similar.  Usually when I hear similar things more than once in a week, I tell God, "I get it.  I need to remember this!" :)

When learning to be obedient to Christ, there's something to keep in mind.  God loves you where you are.  Whether you know 0.02% or 99% of who God is.  He wants you to be obedient to that 0.02%!

God gave Abraham his name because he would be the father of many nations.  But twice he gave his wife Sarah to be with the King of the land telling them she was his sister.  God still gave Abraham Isaac.  And even in the testing of Abraham's obedience with sacrificing his only son, God protected Isaac.

So after your heartaches, many struggles, when things come crashing down, or when you feel like your faith has been smooshed know something.  God meets you where you are, and He desires you at that place.  When reaching others in love, let them know that to be obedient to Christ is not to do everything right.  It's to LOVE GOD where you are!  Don't try and be a full 100%.

Just be.

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