Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughts on Ellie

My little Ellie Marie is one week old today!  We don't know what we did with out her.  I'm so thankful to not be pregnant anymore and to finally have that special cuddle time with my sweet daughter.

I love asking kids questions and hearing their answers but since Ellie can't talk yet I'll give you some info about our sweet little peanut.

She is the sweetest thing ever!  I mean seriously, look at her.  Who wouldn't mind waking up multiple times in the night to feed this little one?  Her sweet little noises are loud and Jon is still getting used to it.  It wakes him up.  I try my best to give him as much rest as needed since he can't rest during the day like I can.  However if he hears her, he asks me to check on her and make sure she's okay.  He is such a good Daddy!  

So far she sleeps the most during the day.  Only waking up a couple times to eat.  She makes up for it during the night.  She eats on average 10-20 minutes every two to three hours in the night starting around 7-9pm and then falls asleep for a longer length of time somewhere around 8am the next morning.  We have learned to go to bed when she does in the evening to get that first average three hour length of sleep before the night time of feedings begin.  After she eats in the night it takes her longer to fall asleep, while during the day she falls asleep as soon as she's done eating.  When my mom is not here to help I see myself taking a morning nap the same time she does. :)

But then again, she is only a week old so this information could change daily or weekly. :)  But we are surely enjoying watching her facial expressions--asleep or awake.  She does the half smile in her sleep and makes sweet noises.  We love it when we get to see her wide-eyed.  She is very animated!  

Big sneeze!

Big yawn!

Where are you Mommy?

I can smell the milk, but I just can't get it!

She hardly ever cries (as of now) and we pray it stays this way. :)  She is so easy going.  The only times we see her unhappy is when we change her clothes or diaper.  Not being swaddled and cuddled is enough to make the world seem awful, right?  We love her to pieces.  Even her squeaky cry that she does before her "real" cry when she's hungry. :)

Daddy's thoughts:
-He loves coming home from work and seeing if she's awake so the two can bond.
-He just said the other night he likes being a Daddy
-He loves watching all her facial expressions.
-He's doing great with diaper changes  (as long as it's not in the middle of the weeknight)
-He cracks up at the noises she makes while eating.
-He loves just watching her. :)
-He thinks she is very good-natured and will be a good, patient listener

Mommy's thoughts:
-I love the way she calms down as soon as someone hands her to me when she's hungry.
-I love the faces she makes in her sleep.
-I enjoy seeing her wake up in the evening for when Daddy arrives.  (It also helps the night time to allow us some sleep as well.) :)
- I love seeing Daddy help take care of her.
-I love her wide-eyes and all her sweet facial expressions.  Sometimes she looks like she's trying to tell us something.

We can't imagine our life with out her!  She is such a joy! :)

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  1. Mary, It is sweet to read your thoughts as you ponder these beginnings of motherhood. It is always good to "treasure these things up" in our hearts like Mary did so many years ago with Jesus. I'm so glad you can enjoy it all, even the late-night feedings :)