Friday, October 26, 2012

If I brush my teeth before noon....

When I was pregnant I didn't brush my teeth until after I ate breakfast.  I didn't want the gag reflex to kick in.  I wanted to make sure I had enough food in me.  It started the day off a whole lot better that way.  Trust me.

But it taught me how to prepare for a new born.....

If I brush my teeth before noon I'm pretty surprised.  By the time I get up and eat breakfast, take my medicine, feed Ellie, change her diaper, talk to her, and put her back to sleep....It's time for lunch.  Why brush your teeth right before you eat a meal?  Yeah, that's gross.  So I eat lunch.  Some times Ellie wakes up again so I have to sooth her and put her back to sleep.

By now it's definitely past noon.


Now I better brush my teeth BEFORE hubby gets home.

That's my new goal.

What's yours?

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