Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Post (before labor....)

I prefer going into labor naturally.
I prefer allowing the baby to come out on her own.
I prefer nothing to try to "trigger" labor unless it's a contraction.
I prefer the most safest, natural way for my baby to be born.
I don't prefer these things to try to prove a point or be mean or anything like that.
I just prefer naturally because as a parent that's what Jon and I hope for...
I pray continually for my baby and body that it will naturally bring my baby to my arms...

I pray my baby is healthy.

Today I had an appointment.  I am exactly 41 weeks along in this pregnancy.  However that's based off of earthly things.  Seriously, really.  I don't know exactly when I conceived or anything like that.  However medically I am told I am 41 weeks along.  Anyways, moving on....

I was given a non-stress test.  For those of you who don't know what that is...it monitors the baby's heartbeat and my contractions.  Whenever I feel her move I have to push a button.  The test came back just fine, like I thought it would.  So no worries there, because she moves around.  My doctor came to talk to me about how things looked fine with the baby.  I was so delighted.  The plan was to come back on Friday (4 days from now) and take another test just to keep track of her.  Then if I didn't go into labor before Wednesday, then I would be induced on Wednesday (10/10/12).  However she wanted to see an ultrasound just to check on how things were going inside. I was excited actually.  It had been since May since I've seen my daughter on an ultrasound.  I was looking forward to seeing her again. :)  It makes it feel that much more real.

The ultrasound was fun!  She was so precious and moving around.  It's fun to think about her personality.  Her hands were by her face, and unfortunately she was looking out at the world instead of looking at my back.  Which means I could have back labor unless she turns more.  But by the end of the ultrasound the gal told me she was already starting to move/flip around again, so who knows! haha!  She already has a mind of her own. ;)

After the ultrasound my doctor came in and talked to me in a serious tone right away.  Something is wrong.  She apologized, knowing I didn't want to be induced this soon.  However the ultrasound showed too much fluid around the baby (usually you hear not enough as a reason to induce).  I was totally unprepared for this.  I wasn't prepared to hear to be induced as soon as.....
TOMORROW morning!  Wait, what?

"Can I go home and talk to my husband about this?" I asked.

She apologized again.  Sorry, we can't.  I want that baby out so we can check on her kidneys.  She might have problems having a bowel movement.  She drew me a picture of what could be happening.  Thank you doc, because I'm visual.

I didn't really know that was even a possibility or how to respond.  So I just asked questions.  I was pretty numb and can hardly remember details.  So I just decided to ask questions that would be a concern during labor.

"How likely could this mean that I might need a c-section?"

She told me very unlikely.  The baby seems small enough.  I should be able to push her out.

Thank you Lord, my doctor gave me some confidence here.

She decided she better check my cervix now knowing the updated news.

Three centimeters dilated!!

"Doesn't breaking the water cause more pressure on the baby's head?" (Since brain isn't fully developed it can cause injury.)

Actually at this point, it will help get labor going for you.  And I am inducing someone else tomorrow so I'll try to make in time to deliver your baby, but if not the other doctor on call will be there.  He will be there in the morning.

Oh gosh, someone I have never met.
Dear Lord, help me!

You know you are a parent when you just have to let go of control and know God is in control and everything is in His Hands. :)

Jon and I are currently sitting back on the couch eating our last dinner together as two.  We are excited to meet our daughter.  It just was quite the whirlwind today!  I'm so thankful I was able to stop by Jon's work on the way back from my appointment.  Show him the ultrasound pictures and talk about the Decision. (Sorry I can't post them right now since my parents still have our camera.)  Jon was given three days off for the labor/baby.  So Wednesday through Friday I get Jon.  Hopefully during the weekend we can get things figured out at home a bit before he returns back to work.

Before long you will all get to see pictures and finally hear her name!

Blessings to all and hopefully we'll get rest tonight!!

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  1. It will be fine! Already 3 cm, you're practically halfway there! Good luck, Mary!!!