Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Husband Isn't Perfect {But I'm okay with that}

My hubby isn't perfect.

But really, I'm okay with that.  Really, I AM!

My focus recently has been on perfection and what it truly means, for we are imperfect people.
Can we really have perfection?

While the days go by.....
My husband helps with the dishes and cleaning
My husband takes out the garbage (I've only done it a few times since we've been married!)
My husband is willing to hit pause on something he is doing to give me full attention for something he honestly could care less about.....
My husband is willing to do activities and discuss things about our marriage...even when his thoughts are on doing something else.
My husband is willing to let me watch chick flicks.  This is a big deal because he allows me to use the TV to watch it.  He could MAKE me use our small, portable DVD player.  However he allows me to watch them, keeping him from being able to do what he really feels like doing.  He also sometimes will watch them with me, because he knows I like the company.  (Chick flicks make me cuddly!) :)
My husband asks me to do things with me because he wants my company.
My husband reads the Bible and gets really excited to share with me about what he just read.
My husband is flexible and not judging about my lack of cooking or food prep skills.
My husband gets sweet and thankful when coming home from work and just happy to see that I'm okay.
My husband loves my eyes.
My husband lets me know how much he cares about me.
My husband still allows me to ask him stupid questions to reassure our love and thoughts towards one another.
My husband will read this humbly.

That's what I think of when I think of my husband.  If you ever hear different, it's probably because I'm not being thankful or just really plain tired.  Or I'm not being a good wife.

I'm reading this book about how God planned marriage for holiness instead of happiness.  It's really got me thinking about how I "treat" or respond to marriage....with my husband (all marriages in general).  I won't be happy with Jon alone.  Things will come up.  If you know me, my emotions are like a crazy roller coaster.  There's no way he could ever stay happy with me!  (Thankful for grace.)  Geesh, I'm getting all over the place with my thoughts.  This is something that got in my mind in the shower.  That tends to happen to me a lot.  Sorry.  It sounds like such great thoughts that seem to go together so well until you put it out there in writing.
I don't know how else to try to explain myself.  What are your thoughts?

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