Friday, July 15, 2011

No, I'm not stranded somewhere, without arms, or without internet.

Have no fear, I'm still here! :)  In case any one keeps up on my blog, I want everyone to know I haven't disappeared.  I actually have plenty to say.  There's actually some topic I wanted to blog about but by the time I got free time to write it, I couldn't remember it. :P  After this weekend I'm SURE I'll be able to blog about how the weekend went and all it's festivities.

So, a new blog post coming soon with updates on how Jon and I are doing....with mostly my thoughts about it. haha.  If I ask Jon to write a post, I don't think it would happen.  He's not much into the "writing is a hobby of mine" sort of thing.   It's not bad, I don't mean that at all.  I just mean it's not "his thing."

A sad thing though, summer is halfway over!!!! :(

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