Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Prepare.  Have plenty of time to prepare.  You must be thinking packing, but I'm talking about your MIND!  haha.  I talked the whole week prior with Jon about how I could really use his help and comfort.  I was so fortunate to have a patient, loving husband.
[Example:  "Mary, please move behind me."  So I did.  When I asked him later he said, "There was a spider about to take over our tent and I threw it out of the way and I didn't want to throw it near you."]

When people chuckle about how much I am NOT a camper I resort back to my family tree.  The Tometich's are NOT campers.  Must I repeat myself?  It's a huge stretch to even know I am now a part of a family that camping is normal and a part of life.  I grew up where a hotel was the only option.  Now, I don't blame anyone for this, I'm just giving you a few reasons why this Camping thing is not my kind of thing.  It doesn't come natural for me to go camping or even THINK of how to start packing for camping.

Oh gosh.

Some things I learned about camping...
1. Be thankful that you are at the church camp where you can use extra mattresses from the cabins.  They are super comfortable, and help allow you to feel farther from the ground.
2. Bring plastic to put under the tent to keep your stuff as dry as possible, because even morning dew can make it miserable.
3. It is HOT.  Bring fans (luckily we came prepared) and extension cords (thank you father!).
4. Jon and I parked our car right next to the tent so we kept most of our things in our back seat.  Which was really handy, and I never had to worry about what critters or wetness was getting on or near our bags. :)
5. We didn't shower while we were there (oh I know GROSS!) but we only stayed for about 24 hours.  And we didn't want to take one right before we left, because we just wanted to wait to get back in our own bathroom!
6.  Camping is not for me.  Unless the weather is EXACTLY how it was that night, but not so humid.  I wished we would of made it to some bon fire or something.  We didn't get the FULL camping experience.
7.  Watch out for the geese poop.

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