Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Perspectives: What's yours?

a wet towel hung up carelessly
a pile of dirty dishes filling up in the sink
a two-year old still working on manners and patience
an empty apartment where hubby is away unexpectedly
a pile of clean laundry still needs to be put away
a mile long to do list needed done before fall
a crowded feeling of a one-bedroom apartment

A husband willing to hang up his towel even though his ride is waiting
Dishes from a meal we were able to pay for
and made without a recipe and still turned out okay
A blessing from above, because I needed a job
He is able to go and just be with a group of guys for awhile
Thankful we were able to do laundry for free
Enjoying a summer filled with work and time with family and friends
Saving money now, so we can have the blessings in the future


It's all how you look at it.
Now read again.  This time read it in a different order, see if you can catch which sections respond to each other.
Which perspective do you normally have in every day life?  

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