Monday, June 27, 2011

I shed tears for you....

Every night and every day I can only imagine 
how many hurtful things are said to you.....
how many hurtful things are done to you....
how many times you feel unloved.....
how many times you feel not cared about....
how many times you don't hear you are beautiful!

Every night I close my eyes and picture you
wondering if you are safe and okay...
worried you might be scared...
concerned about your comfort...
hopeful you are calling out to God...
and knowing He hears your prayers.

Every time I sit down to eat
I'm concerned you don't have anything good to eat
worried the others are calling you mean things
hopeful they are not hurting you
wondering if you are being hugged.

And every time I start to pray
I think of you
praying you are safe
praying you feel loved
praying you know I am thinking of you
praying you know I can't wait to see you again
praying you know you are loved
praying you know you have a Heavenly Father
praying I get to see you some day
praying some day it will be heaven.

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