Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Poem

This is an old poem I wrote to Jon 10/6/09.  It's not a poem about him, just what was going through my mind during quiet times with the Lord.

Title: don't know yet
Tears stuck to my face
God's love filled with grace
I'm lost in the pain
One less HOUR to gain.
Distance seems so far away
leading me down in dismay
The pain increases
like emptiness.
My gut pulled,
my emotions cold.
My lonely heart grieves
fearing your needs.
The stuff I have to let go
and allow the pain to stay though.
How do I forgive?
How do I let go?
All the pain to the Lord, I give
because my energy is at low,
and I know
My God wants to see me
where I should be.
On my knee.

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