Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Choice #2

Remember how in my last post I mentioned my husband and I started our own Book Club, reading a book together?  Well, my husband finished reading the book "A Child Called It" without me, because he was so excited to see what would happen.  Now, he wants to read the NEXT book in the series, "The Lost Boy."  However I told him I didn't have it, and he said we need to go get it right away!  He can't put this story down for a minute!  I told him he could get it for me for my birthday (in May).
Now that I think about it more this morning, I'm thinking maybe I do have that book?  But where in the world could it be?  Maybe I've been looking at it online so much I think I've seen it before.  No matter what, we're going to get that book!  "The Lost Boy" is about how Dave struggles in many foster homes and the experience he had from ages 12-18 away from his abusive mother.  No wonder we are so excited to read it!!!

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