Thursday, November 4, 2010

WANTED: Deep Connections

How do you find deep relationships with people you are just starting to meet?

The reason I bring this subject up is because while living in Ames, Jon and I are working on becoming plugged in.  It has become pretty difficult really.  It's hard to meet new people in a group setting.  We try to be real with them, but sometimes it takes a LOT of work just to be yourself.  Why does that have to be?
Why do some people make it so uncomfortable to be yourself?  Or why can't everyone get loose and enjoy each other's company?  What are some things you can do to "relax the heated room" and not feel the odd one out?

Jon and I have come up with some ideas.  Let me know if you can think of any other ideas, or have suggestions of your own.
1. Get together not for a certain reason all the time.  Get together to just socialize, play games, etc.  It helps keep things less stiff.
2. Encourage people to open up.  Open up yourself.  Be vulnerable.
3. If it's a larger group of people split off to smaller groups.
4. For awhile, try to sit next to the same person.  Each week motivate yourself to get to know him/her.
5. Find the person/few people you most relate with.
6. In the bigger group setting, try to be close to your spouse (if it is necessary).  Your spouse will always back you up. :)
7. Pray before going.  Pray as a couple.
8. Pray all week about it during your quiet time with God.
9. Think of a few things to talk about before going.
10. Know that no matter what, God loves you and your spouse does too! :)

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