Saturday, August 28, 2010

Becoming One

Each month I'm going to try and post at least one thing about what the Kaisand's are up to! =)
June was the month our story really started as being Kaisand's together.  I'm so blessed to have Jon as my husband.  God really answered prayer!  He knew the man I really needed.

Jon has some wonderful characteristics!
1. Strong man of morals and good character.
Not only does he know how important it is to have a good relationship with Christ and those around him, he also understands how important it is to check up on our relationship.
2. Understanding and uplifting
Never have I ever met anyone more uplifting and someone who encourages me as an individual!  I can totally be myself.
3. Opposites attract!
I totally know what that means now.  Before I thought it meant nothing and I was completely clueless about it.  Our differences are the things that make our relationship stronger.  We would not be the same with out the other. =)
4. Leisure time and outgoing
We both love to just sit back and enjoy life one step at a time.  We both have similar personalities where we just love to laugh and enjoy each other's company.
5. Confronting and conversational
Jon would rather talk about it than argue.  What a great father figure!

I could keep talking about my husband, but I know you're all wondering about the day I said "I do" to this wonderful man.  Jon and I both love looking back on that day.  We love the "party," the day we became one and all the people who was there to celebrate with us!  The day went so quickly we missed the chance to sit down with everyone who could make it.  We want everyone to get together soon so we can catch up!  We loved seeing friends and family all together in one place.  We appreciate all who came from near and far.
 Thank you all for helping make it such a memorable day!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!  The wedding day story is coming.  It might have to come in parts so I can include all the special details. =)

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