Saturday, August 28, 2010

About July

This month was filled with the blessing of saying, "We've been married for a month!"

We spent many hours unpacking and cleaning...making our apartment more like home.  Looking back it's such a blur, but it was so wonderful to just be married and together.  We spent every weekend returning to Johnston for different family things---sister's birthday, fourth of July, friend birthday, friend's wedding, and family vacation.  The Tometich fam had not gone on a family vacation for a few years.  It was so nice!  We went to Kansas City.  It gave my nearly 9 month pregnant sister (who lives in KC) a chance to not have to travel but enjoy the vacation.
On facebook I put a few pictures and videos from that trip.  Unfortunately more pictures are on my mom's camera and those are not downloaded yet.  That trip is filled with many wonderful memories. =)  Especially it being the first one where I had a husband too!!! =)

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