Monday, June 15, 2015

Awards for Ellie

Ellie turned 2 1/2 years old a couple months ago, and things have certainly changed since her two year old birthday!

Here's some of the awards Ellie could be given:

1. She is the best at going to the bathroom anywhere but the toilet.
2. You always know what cup is hers, it was placed in ketchup.
3. She can get Daddy to dance.

4. Her ability at hiding things that belongs to someone else.
5. So affectionate.
Grandma getting kisses

6. In-tuned to other's feelings.

7. The loudest screamer.
8. The talent of knowing how things SHOULD go, where things SHOULD be placed, etc.
9. Knowing where everything belongs.
10. The best at introductions.
11. What the temperature of water needs to be.
12. Sounding like a lion.

She definitely keeps us on our toes!  Well, literally her toes.  She still walks on her toes.  Everyone knows where our Ellie is....we're either calling her name out to come back to us, she's a lion, screaming in frustration, or hopefully being her sweet self saying hello to everyone.  We meet a lot of people where ever we go and all she says is "Hi, I'm Ellie.  This is mommy and daddy and I'm Ellie. (chuckles) What's your name?"  She keeps repeating it because she has no idea what else to say!  And then if asked how old she is she proudly replies, "I'm two!"

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