Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thoughts on Biggest Loser

Because I'm not going to say "stuff" on Facebook anymore, here are my thoughts.

Did you watch the finale of the Biggest Loser?  I did.  I didn't watch any part of that show until the finale (however I've seen previous episodes from different seasons so I know how it "works").  In the finale they announce the winner who is called "The Biggest Loser" (interesting name I think so) and they win a ton of money.  Which is pretty awesome....have something happen in your life, result to food, poor eating habits and life changes, etc.  Then go on the show with a ton of other people, work hard, change those habits, and get a chance to win a ton of money for your effort.  It's kind of a cool idea for a TV show, rather it's the best decision making or not.

However every ONE who knows about the show has clearly posted thoughts, posts, links, etc on Facebook regarding last night's winner.  She went from a size 20 to 0/2.  She looks on the thin side, but she won a ton of money.

My thoughts?  Sure, I'll share.  That's why I wrote this post.

First: She looks great!  Did you see the before and after?  I know she looks thin.  She's a size zero--hello!  There's plenty of girls and boys in this world that are that size.  I'm not one of them.  And because I'm not I can say, "She looks great!" :)

Second: I'm not going to share to the world that I think she looks unhealthy because I don't have that right.  I'm not a doctor.

Third: She had the ability to win a ton of money and that's probably why she made the extreme change in her life.  Once she bounces back to "normal life" she'll probably enjoy a cookie, cake, fries, or popcorn from time to time.  She did say in that article she's going to enjoy life!  She may or may not start to look more "healthy in your eyes."  But who am I to judge?  Which leads me to thought four....

Four: We continue to judge people by appearance before we ever get to really know them.  It doesn't change after high school apparently.  Here we go....teaching our kids not to bully or say harsh things.  Then we go to Facebook and social media sharing how awful we THINK she looks.  (ouch)

Five: I don't want to be that mom that says things.  Maybe it's a heart issue for you or you're just stating a fact of how you feel.  However you look at it, it's still could be hurtful for her to see all this negative feedback.  She worked HARD to get where she is today.  And I don't want to be the one to make it any harder for her.

Six: Sometimes we judge people in areas because we are insecure ourselves.  I'm not saying that's true for you, but just a thought to put out there....

**Found this post, after I already posted this.  It's a good read! :)
**Those are my thoughts.  What are yours?

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