Thursday, February 6, 2014

Daddy, Mommy, & Us

Writing another post while my daughter roams my parent's house sure to find treasures.  No doubt.  But until then...

My husband is awesome.  Even though he hates snuggling, he tolerates it because that's my love language.  (Not cuddling, but touch.)  He's working full-time and returns to our house in Ames.  He's working hours at night on the house.

Our bathroom currently
I haven't seen him for over three days.  For some of you that's no big deal.  You have to go weeks, months, or even years without seeing your loved one.  And I can never understand how you do it.  I can hardly make it past two days before I go into curl up mode.  (Yes, I literally curl up with Jon's pillow at night to fall asleep.)  My love language is a toss up between touch and quality time.  So ANY time away from Jon is miserable.  I feel so distant.  Our communication suffers.  And so does our marriage.

But lucky for me I can email him a short message or text him and he responds right away.  He gives me reassurance that we're okay and in a few short weeks we'll be together again.  Always.  Life will still be crazy.  But at least I'll have time with him at night, for dinner, and by my side in the dark.

So when you see me and I seem a little flustered.  Just know.  I'm waiting for my little family to become "one" again.  I'm feeling out of sorts.  We're living out of boxes (besides our dressers and toiletries).  It's been like this for eleven months.  Yep, almost a year.  I'm ready.  It's about time!

Because right now my favorite time of the week.... (and soon to be favorite part of my day) when hubby comes home!  And Ellie is awake and gets so excited to see him!  She gives off a little giddy excitement and crawls quickly to see her Daddy! :)

Sept 2013, KC Zoo

I get to see Jon Friday night!  Then he's leaving again on Sunday to finish up more stuff on the bathroom.  Hopefully that means the tub will be put in next week.
March can't come soon enough!  Oh wait...slow down!  We got lots to do!!  But we're ready to be all living together again!  Well, you get the idea. :)

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