Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ellie {6 months}

Ellie is 6 months old (as of last Thursday).  But this poor baby girl is dealing with a sick sick Momma!  Ugg, this second pregnancy has been much tougher than Ellie's.

So thankful for Daddy willing to help out.  He's been spending extra time with Ellie while Mommy is spending extra time resting and getting sick in the garbage or toilet.  Daddy changes her diapers and burps her for Mommy's sake.  He even got Ellie to learn to say "Da-Da" and "Ba-Ba!"

Ellie you are sweeter than sweet.  Mommy is so thankful she has such a sweet daughter, while she can hardly move!

Easter marked the day your bottom tooth started to pop through and it's still making its way out.  You have a runny nose like a faucet and Daddy does a great job helping clear it out so you can breathe while you nurse.

Ellie, we wonder if you'll ever know what it's like to be the only child in the family.  You'll be about 14 months old when your sibling comes along.  But you are not the stereotypical first-born.  You are very laid back and not at all demanding.  (Well, except when you're hungry you don't like to be passed around.)

Currently we are living at Grandma and Grandpa's house while we search houses for us to buy one.  However Mommy's sickies has kind of slowed that process down.  However Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying extra cuddles and smiles.

You are wearing 6 month clothes (and some 3-6 months depending on brand).  You like to wake up once in the night to nurse.  You are enjoying tummy time with some toys and love "talking" loudly from time to time.  Ellie, you are quick to smile even when tired.  If our next baby has any similarities as you, it will be so nice and helpful.  Your sweet, smiley personality is so contagious.  It gets this sick Momma to smile too!

Oh, dear Ellie, I apologize to you constantly these days.  I'm so sorry I'm so sick and not the usual Mommy you have gotten to know.  I ache to be "normal" again, but I know the end of this sickness is not near, it has JUST begun!

Sorry there are no pictures to show your growth.  It's all we can do baby girl to eat and change your diaper these days without Mommy getting sick while everyone else is gone during the day!

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