Friday, April 5, 2013

14 months apart

March 21st was the morning.  The morning Jon and I will definitely not forget.  (Well, I take that back, we might forget the EXACT date.)  However, we definitely will NOT forget the surprise.

That morning, 3am to be exact, Ellie woke up to eat.  After that I got this....

I went back into the bedroom where Jon and Ellie were waiting for me....

"Umm, Jon....uh, Ellie's going to have a sibling!!"

Jon knew it 99% sure before I even went to take the test.

But God, didn't you know I already had plans to have my kids 2 1/2 to 3 years apart???

God laughs.

For HE KNOWS THE PLANS He has for us.

Even though we try to make them up ourselves.

So to tell the family I got Ellie this:

Apparently places don't have 6 month onesies that say, "I'm a BIG SISTER" on them.  Hmm.... :)

I was going to wait and share with everyone once I was farther along but seriously, if you take one look at me it's not hard to tell.  I'm the walking stomach flu but not contagious.  Yesterday I was officially seven weeks along, and due November 21st.

This Christmas I'll have a one-year old and a newborn.  Oh boy what the next couple years will bring!

To answer some questions you may already be wanting to ask:

1. Did you plan this one?

2. Do you realize how close in age they will be?
Yes.  I'm seriously going to be done after two.  This morning sickness 24/7 is worse than anything.  EVER.

3. How does this pregnancy compare to Ellie's?
Before the sickness began I was super tired (and I still feel tired).  My awful sickness started sooner (just great!).  I weighed 10 more pounds so hopefully if I loose 10 pounds by week 10 (like I did with Ellie) it won't be AS bad.  It's harder because Ellie wakes up in the night and I wake up to this strong stomach ache.  However I just stay home with Ellie, so during the day is not nearly as bad.  So thankful she's not mobile yet.  Doing stairs is just as bad as Ellie's pregnancy.  I get dizzy, winded, and throw up or feel like I will.  Oh, and I also started to take my sickness medicine weeks sooner.  Plus, this time around I'm feeding THREE people instead of two.

4. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
Either one we're okay with.  I would like Jon to have a boy to play with.  But I know he'll be okay either way.  Long term it might be nice for Ellie to have a sister close in age, but it would be nice to have one girl and one boy. :)

Go ahead and feel free to ask me (us) any questions.  Just let me know. :)

In the mean time I'll be thanking my hubby for helping out with Ellie to keep me feeling better.  So thankful for his help!  Those 4am feedings, he burps her and changes her diaper for me AND gets her and puts her back to bed!  In the mornings when she wakes up he does it again, gets himself ready, and gets me my first meal of the day.  Uggh....this is my life again.  Sickness.  Awfulness.  Got to remember that sweet baby inside me.  Jon is so helpful and reminds me that it's just a baby growing inside me and it's staying healthy! :)  Because when you have NO breaks from feeling nauseous it is SO hard to press on!!


  1. Mary I am super excited for you! 14 months is super close, im sure it will be a wonderfull adventure! I might even be back by the time this one is born!
    -erin bradley

  2. Yeah, super fun! I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy the thought as soon as I pass this worse part of the pregnancy. :/ If it's anything like Ellie's, I'll start feeling better by July!

  3. Congrats! Love you sis! :) So excited for a new niece or nephew. :)