Thursday, March 21, 2013

the perfect internet mother

Wake up.  Check email.

Feed kids.

Check Pinterest for a new idea for dinner.

Post pictures of your little darlings in their perfect matching outfits and combed hair on Facebook.

Lunch!  Taking the time to make those cool looking lunches.

During nap time: checking Facebook, getting dinner started

Post a picture of your dinner.  Blog the recipe with a super duper delicious looking picture of it.

Check your phone for news updates, weather updates, or updates in general.

Put the kids to bed or snuggle reading them a story from their kindle or ipad.

Write a Facebook status about how thankful you are for your wonderful, delightful children.

Sound familiar?

More like, look familiar?

The internet can be a blessing to us but sometimes it gets in the way.  It changes our hearts, minds, and time for the better (or worse).  Facebook, instagram, blogs, and the list goes on and on with how easy it is to post a simple picture of your sweet kiddos.

I'm thinking reality here.

I'm human.  I'm not perfect.  When I wake up I want to go back to sleep.  I snuggle with my daughter and wish I could just close my eyes and get more sleep.  I see everyone on Facebook posting all these great status' and pictures about how great their life is, and yes, I'm truly happy for them.  But reality for me is this.

Life isn't perfect and the easy access to all our devices is causing this weird crazy thing.  When I post a picture of my daughter....

I'm not a photo genius.  I don't have special effects.  In this case I had my ipod handy.  (Jon and I don't own iphones and I'm not one to mess with a picture to make it perfect.)  I just post the picture how it is.  I know, weird.  Can you imagine?  How different the Facebook world would be if we didn't change pictures before posting them, made the caption fit exactly what was happening, and not trying to boast?

Ellie's mohawk in that picture happened after I gave her a bath.  I did nothing to get it that way.  Honestly.  See, her bath towel is still there.  I kept it there because sometimes she spits up after getting a bath.  That smile?  I don't remember.  Maybe I smiled at her and got her to make a sweet face to make the picture better.  I don't know.  But isn't the picture better (super cute) with a sweet face?  Sure thing.

Mary, I get what you are saying, but where are you going with this?  You're all over the place.

I'm just trying to get out of the "perfect internet mom" syndrome.  Making a statement.  Telling myself to keep my pictures, posts, etc real for others.  What life is REALLY like rather than sugar coating things.  Because really, would we rather read about hard life and how God brought us through it or just make everything seem simple and happy?

No one would believe me if I said, "No problem, because life is easy.  Of course your kids can all have perfect smiles and clean clothes on in a picture."

Why am I bringing this subject up?  Am I trying to point fingers without naming names?  Heck no!  This post is not judgement whatsoever.  That's what I'm getting at.  Let's be real moms (and dads).  We're not perfect.  Facebook likes to try to come across that way.  Blog posts make us look so sweet and perfect.  But in reality.

Life is a mess.

Just like our current bedroom (since we're in the middle of adjusting to suitcase living).
Or my mind.  Seriously its a big mass ball of well chords of who knows what!

...dude I just thought of another blog post.

This post is so weird, excuse me!  This is what I'm doing....keeping myself busy while I wait for my baby girl to wake up from a nap, dinner in the oven, and just life.  My next post should be about how I should not allow Ellie's mood to tell me how I am as a parent.  Boom.  Maybe I don't need a post about it after all.  I think that explains itself.  Or does it.

What do you think???


  1. Love ya sister! You are right....when we are ok with reality, we don't have unmet expectations and we can focus on the blessings we do have in life from a gracious God.

  2. It's so true. Life isn't perfect and neither are we. By grace, we're pulling through. Let's no fake it on the internet. :-) PS. Your little one is adorable!