Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calming the Storm

I just want to thank the car in front of me tonight.

Have you ever got annoyed when you get behind a car that is going under the speed limit...you just can't wait until you get to pass it?


tonight I had the opposite experience.

Driving home to Ames, from Ankeny, the snow was coming down and the wind was picking up.  It was the kind of weather that you drive 50mph (or less) in a 70mph area.  Every time a car or truck would pass on the left you couldn't see for what seemed like minutes.  A couple times I couldn't see the road at all.  I prayed to my Lord, "Please God, get me home safely...if it is Your will for me."  Then I turned up my Christian radio station that had wonderful worship music blasting!

"You are mighty to save...mighty to save!  Forever author of salvation...you rose and conquered the grave.  Yes you conquered the grave...."

It was a wonderful way to get my mind focused on God, and allow my fears to drift off in the night.

I think God sent a wonderful car in front of me.  He drove anywhere from 40mph to 50 mph all the way from Ankeny to Ames.  He even got off the same exit as me coming into Ames!  When I couldn't see the road in front of me, I could see his lights.  The closer we were to Ames, the worse the roads were.  I was so thankful I had no cars on my tail.  I hate it in bad weather when you have cars on your tail.  I'm always afraid I'll find them in my back seat!
Instead of thinking, "I can't wait until I can pass this slow moving vehicle"...I was so thankful I got to stay behind him!

Thank you Lord for tonight.  It had many wonderful blessings.  Great girl's night with Kate and a safe trip home!

And sorry bloggers for having to wait so long for another post.  I need to get better at keeping everyone updated. :)


  1. Hi Mary. Glad you got home safely! I can remember once being thankful that I got to drive behind a snowplow all the way from Cedar Rapids to Iowa city in very similar conditions. If it hadn't been for the taillights, I'm sure I would have gone off the road! It is so cool you got to praise the Lord as you drove through a snow storm! Love you!

  2. Oh I so know this feeling! I followed a semi all the way to your wedding because it was raining so hard I couldn't even see his regular lights - only his emergency flashers which he was awesome enough to turn on! I couldn't have exited if I wanted -> I couldn't see the exits!! Glad you made it safe!