Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who's the ISU fan?

When I first met Jon and got to know him I knew it didn't matter if he was an ISU or Hawk fan, but as time went on I just HAD TO ask.  Why?  Because he attended ISU!!  When I asked him he said he didn't keep up on sports too often but if he had to pick he would go for the Hawks.  I was so excited!!  No matter what happened I knew I was starting a relationship with someone who attended ISU but would cheer for the Hawks!  yahoo! =)

Now with football season happening RIGHT NOW, it's really nice.  We live in Ames and around a LOT of ISU fans and Jon could careless.  It's awesome!  (Sorry ISU fans if you don't like this post.  GO HAWKS!!)  With all this ISU spirit around me, I'm really going to have to start wearing black and gold.  Or should I?  Do you think I would last long with all these powerful ISU fans?  Thankfully my dad is also a Hawks fan!  Whenever I want to watch a game I can always go back to Johnston and watch it there.

It's unfortunate to have all these ISU fans tailgating....they close down Jon's parking spot for when he goes to school!


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