Monday, September 13, 2010

Praying how to make Ames feel like home

Living in Ames has been a new adventure.  It has been a journey just getting used to living outside of under the roof where my parents live.  Jon has been wonderful and supporting me all along the way.  His encouragement has really helped me feel confident in everything I do.  He is also patient with me, and comforts me when I feel as if I have failed him in every possible way.  Sometimes I feel like I have completely failed him as a wife and know in my heart I could have done better.  Instead of hurting me, he returns with a loving heart and boosts my esteem.

He always seems to have the right words to say.

I knew the fall semester was going to be tough.  I knew it would give far more things to stress about than ever before.  I knew it would take our marriage to a new profound place.  This past week we were at our deepest moments.  I continued to fall to my knees and call out to God.  Jon was patiently waiting for me to be able to explain my thoughts.  We had a few comforting discussions.

Just praying that soon we would be able to get more plugged in here at Ames.  This transition in our lives is big enough for the both of us, but only enough that our God can still allow us to grow.  Our faith will strengthen in Him and one another through this process.  We were delighted to know that our relationships with people in Ames were going to grow.  Mary was in need of connections in Ames.  Jon had school, work, and relationships already fully intact.  He had a life here.  Sunday night was the first small group get together.  There was seven couples all together (including us).  It seemed large, but soon it will feel at home.  Right now it feels overwhelming.  We chuckle at "wait, what was their name?"  We wished for name tags! ;)

The small group was a nice group of young married couples.  When the ladies and guys got split the gals talked all about similar subjects that Mary could totally relate to!  It was nice to start opening up with people and having them be in a similar understanding situation as you.  There's no judgement.  They don't tell you what you should be doing, or what they think you should be doing.  They just allow you to open up.

It's nice to talk about newlywed conversations with others.  No one in the room was married for two years yet.  One had a young baby and the lead couple is expecting in five weeks.  Most of the women work with children. =)

I love finding connections!  I hope this is the brand new start of a great connection group!  Praying this will help me feel more comfortable with living here away from close family and friends.

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