Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Cleaning

After a busy week house sitting at my parent's house I had hoped to return home all ready and pumped to get my house back in order.  It needed a lot of cleaning done (I skipped cleaning the week prior.)  The day we were going to return home I woke up with awful allergies.  Today is the first day I actually feel more like myself.  This week I was pretty bummed.  Ellie was getting over a sickness and I was miserable.

Movies, puzzles, reading books, baths, and grocery shopping filled our week.  I felt so down about the fact I couldn't get our house back in order with the normal weekly cleaning.  I just did what I had enough energy to do (sinus' made it hard to breathe).

When a thought comes into my mind 50% of the time it happens within minutes of receiving that idea.  25% of the time it ends up happening within a couple days.  The other 25% it doesn't happen until that idea pops back into my mind.

Today I had the idea "I want to shower and clean my kitchen cupboards today."
(Yes, I even think about showers or no showers.)  After my shower and a few funny conversations with Ellie, I got my pantry cupboards cleaned out.  A garbage bag full later, I feel better about my determination to save my family money next week.  I'm motivated for next week to spend no money on groceries.  I have plenty of food in my freezers, fridge and pantry.  Now that I just touched everything in my pantry I know exactly what I have to work with.

But I didn't stop there.  I threw on some cleaning gloves and deep scrubbed the kitchen sink.  Seriously, how often are you supposed to clean them versus how often you actually do?  I scrubbed with a toothbrush in some areas!  Ick!  It felt soo good to put my STRESS into getting my house to look better.  My mom likes to garden for therapy, I like a clean organized space.

Some day down the road, we're thinking of updating our counter tops and getting a new sink.  Wiping down that sink really made me want to start saving up for that upgrade TODAY!  This sink isn't very deep and there's so many scratches in the bottom from big pots and pans.  However in the mean time, that faucet makes a HUGE difference.

I was cleaning in the kitchen while Ellie ate her lunch and it kept her from getting into things while I was trying to work away without distractions.

Nap time is now planning for next weeks meals.  How do you go about planning meals when you are not going to the store?

I like to make sure I have meat, starch, veggies, and fruit.

Here's my meal planning: (and it's stuff I already have!)

Option #1
*Sour Cream & Onion Pork Chops
Canned Peaches

Option #2
*Tator Tot Casserole

Option #3
Pork Tenderloin

Option #4
Hot dogs
Baked Beans
Mac & Cheese Casserole
Canned Peaches

Option #5
*Stuffed Chicken (Costco purchase)

Option #6
*With a family of 3, we usually have leftovers.
Or we have Chicken Nuggets if need substance. :)

*Leftovers Ellie and I usually eat for lunch.  We also have lunch meat, cheese, cottage cheese, and egg muffins if she prefers.  Or peanut butter.  Give her bread and peanut butter, or put it on a spoon. :)

Have you ever had a week where you tried not going to the store?
Let me hear your pointers, thoughts, and let me know how it goes for your family!

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