Monday, July 22, 2013

Ellie {9 months+}

So, yeah, Ellie is 9 1/2 months old and I'm now just posting her 9 month post!  I've gotten worse at these updates, and I'm sure it's only going to get worse the older she gets and more siblings are added to the fam!  But this month was kind of tricky.  She turned nine months old when we were painting the new house that weekend (and it was the fourth of July).  Then the next weekend we left for a week for family camp.  So now I can finally sit down and take a moment to update you all.  And a nice post to look back on some day.

In some ways, Ellie hasn't changed much since my last update on her but in other ways she has changed so much!  She still has a "facial expression" she likes to give but it has changed.  I don't have a picture of it, but got a good video of it on our way home from our unplanned trip to IKEA after Jon's family's family camp!  She likes to bow her head and make eye contact at you at the same time.  It's pretty funny.  For awhile she stopped making the scrunchy face smile and these past couple days she has brought it back nonstop!  It's enough to make you laugh SO HARD!!

She's starting to use furniture to pull herself up to a standing position.  So far I've only seen using it with the TV stand at my parent's house, but while at camp she used the bunk beds while playing on the bed.

When you say "YEAH!" she will start clapping (or sometimes don't have to say anything).  As soon as she learned how to clap she was pretty proud about it! :)

She still LOVES music.  At church I have to give her to Jon sometimes to give me a break because she bounces around when I'm holding her during worship.  She has even started to try to "sing" too (aka making loud noises).

Ellie still enjoys crawling under the coffee tables.  She thinks it's pretty fun!

Our sweet Ellie is known my strangers, friends, family, and anyone else that sees her that she is such a sweet baby.  She has a sweet personality, cute facial expressions, and everlasting smiles.  She really, truly is such a good baby!

typical Ellie :)

can't get enough of her sweet faces :)

However, like every other month (and other babies too) when she is tired she wants to sleep.  If she can not sleep and she hears a sudden noise from someone nearby it makes her jump and she frowns and starts to cry.  That sad, pathetic cry.

Our little peanut can still wear 3-6 month pants thanks to her tiny waist and summer heat.  The pants are not long enough but capri pants are perfect for this weather!  She is also wearing 6-12 month mostly and some 9 month tops.

taken at family camp hanging out in the shade
*I had to stop writing this post as my dear Ellie decided to take a short nap.  She seems a little under the weather these past couple days.  Let's hope it's just recovering from camp and off a routine rather than sickness or a new phase of "sleep less and crankiness."  :p

She is still army crawling to get around.  However if she doesn't mind how long it takes to get to her destination she will crawl for REAL, but if it's time to be as speedy as possible she will army crawl since she's got that down FAST. :)

our little family. camp 2013

About a week before we left for camp, Ellie decided to suddenly get used to to the idea of eating food (before than she wanted nothing to do with it).  She wanted to try something from our plate.  My mom was usually the one with open arms to hold her and give her small pieces of green beans, sweet potato, banana, etc.  However, by the time we got to camp she was THRILLED to eat something while we ate at the table.  We had to get a highchair set up at camp at the table and I luckily packed some bibs.  She let everyone know at the table she certainly wanted something to eat too!  Luckily almost every meal had something her little tummy could handle.  She is still getting used to how to "chew" and swallow (she only has two teeth!).  She would certainly pick veggies over fruit as of now.  Which is certainly surprising to me, but I'll take it!  Her favorites at camp were: cooked broccoli (she grabbed them off her tray and put them in her mouth!), green beans, cooked carrots, watermelon, apple slices, peaches, and pears.

Sorry, no pictures at camp while eating.  I was too busy to go over to the stroller and get the camera.

*P.S. now that Ellie has finished nursing, and I got her interested in toys, she is finally more "herself."  Hope this lasts the rest of the day!

We love our dear Ellie and so happy to have her as part of our family!  So this is what it feels like to be a Mom?  The best feeling, hardest job, most rewarding, greatly tested, and a good example of the love God has on His children. :)

Love you sweet girl!!

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