Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kaisand's "Rapid" Changes!

Haven't been around this Korner lately because my head has been spinning in many directions.  This poor baby in me must be very dizzy! ;)  Jon and I have been very busy since my last post.  After accepting the job in Cedar Rapids, we've been packing and preparing for this transition.  Jon started his new job on May 21st and his head is now spinning and filled with new information.  He heard it takes about six months to fully feel like he "knows" his position.  As of now, he says he'd rather go back to school then go through this process of six months of training.  And that says a lot!  My husband dislikes school as much as I dislike morning sickness.  But hopefully once we get settled in to our new apartment, that might help make things feel more real and get a good routine going.
As of now, we are living in a friend's family basement.  And totally thankful for that!  They help feed us and take care of us.  During the day they even have me join them to help learn the Cedar Rapids area. :)  The other day my mom told me, "Tell them thank you for taking care of my baby!!!"  The first time I can truly understand every word of that!  I would want to thank who ever ends up helping take care of my baby! 

Okay, so on to more updates....Friday and Saturday was spent finishing packing up our Ames apartment.  It is fully packed and ready for June 4th when the movers come.  I take that back just a little bit!  My dad will be meeting the movers there to let them in (so I don't have to drive back from Cedar Rapids while Jon's at work), but we have a few things that we couldn't pack in our cars that was meant to go in them.  Our fridge and freezer has food in it and we have pictures from the walls that need extra care for the trip to Cedar Rapids. :)  Other than that, EVERYTHING is in boxes or just ready for the movers.
Thank you Lord that my parents own a moving company!!!
We don't have to be out of our Ames apartment until end of July so we are going back sometime in July to finish doing the check out cleaning and carpet cleaning!  Thank you Lord brother in law owns a professional carpet cleaner!!! :)  It makes "planning the appointment" of when we would need it that much simplier. :)  My overly stressed mind can sit back and relax over those details!

June 2nd we are able to receive our new apartment keys and since it will be a Saturday, I will be able to have my hubby help get things ready for the move in day on the 4th!  We will have the apartment all ready to go! :)  I'm so excited!  Going from a one-bedroom to a three-bedroom is going to be so nice!  There is so much more room!  Once we get the new apartment all settled we can then start adding the new stuff we want now that we have the space for it.  We found a couple couches that we really love!  Great for young kids!  And of course I will have fun decorating and making the apartment feel like a home. :)  And then of course making the nursery feel special.  But waiting to do that until after our REVEAL party with family! :)  I'm making cupcakes with either pink or blue in the middle to reveal what Jon and I are having! :)  We found out on May 17th and been so excited to tell everyone!! :D  A new post will definitely be about the party, however I won't reveal what we are having yet!  Sorry!


  1. soo fun. cant wait to hear about the party :)
    -erin bradley

  2. We're still trying to figure out when it will be. Trying to get as many family members together for a party is harder to plan than first thought. :P