Sunday, April 15, 2012

Idols and Worship

When idol worship is brought up "they" remind you that it's not all about statues.  It can be a number of "things" that you put before the money, fashion, career, education, and the list goes on.  After a wonderful sermon they allow you to have time to yourself to personally have quiet time with the Lord and allow you to talk to Him about your idol.

To come clean, ask for forgiveness, and be in love with His grace.

However I receive this quiet time with saying things like, "Lord I don't know if any of those 'things' are a problem for me.  Yes I like to look a certain way or have a certain amount of money...but I truly have something else that I put before you Lord."

Then there's silence.

And the Lord speaks to me.

I hear Him telling me that He knows what my idols are and He knows when I come to worship Him on Sunday mornings I plead for His forgiveness and with joy I find His forgiveness.

Because all He wants from me is the worship through out the week.
To stop caring how badly people think of me and not to allow that to get in the way of doing what He wants me to do.  He also wants me to be silent.  Be a better listener and allow me to hear Him through every day life and conversations.  To stop caring about being comfortable.  That getting a little dirty and being sick is more glorifying than being perfect.  He wants me to stop feeling guilty and allow that to get in the way of my walk with Him.  He wants to use my every day life as a way to bring glory to Him.

My amazing Savior filled with grace and mercy wants me to live a life pleasing to Him.  Hard?  Yes.  Worth it?  Yes.  Why?
And no the answer is not "because I said so...."

The answer is....His Son paid the price.

Take some time to listen to this...

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