Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 in 10

So this wonderful baby growing inside of me has been a learning experience for sure.   Before we found out I was pregnant, I was honestly always concerned on how pregnancy would effect our marriage.  It runs in my family that morning sickness is pretty much 24/7 during most or some of the pregnancy and definitely during first trimester.  But Jon has definitely stepped up and he's been a huge help!  When I'm throwing up constantly in one day he is always uplifting and helping me out.  Whenever he can he comes to work with me and helps me with my nanny job.  These days I can't step into the kitchen...he does the dishes, gets me the food I need, etc.  I am sick the most in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening.  And sometimes it gets really bad if I'm unable to get food in me before "it's too late" and then I can't keep anything down after that.  Except the wonderful help given by my saltines.  This baby is going to like apples!  It's the go-to fruit that I've been able to eat between "meals."  I can also handle strawberries....but enough chat about food.  I feel icky!

Why did I say 10 in 10?  Because in ten weeks I lost 10 pounds.  I'm also looking forward to the day that I can enjoy sitting down and enjoying a FULL meal and not feel sick after it.  I don't even mind if it's not hot.  I just miss that stuff.
So go have fun and enjoy your big cheeseburger and fries and I'll go lay down and hold my stomach and think of my sweet baby growing.
Can't wait to meet this little one!


  1. So happy for you and Jon! Hope you feel better soon! I still have nightmares of pancakes with my girls. I could`nt eat them after throwing them up. ( sorry )

  2. Pancakes actually sound good these days! :) Feels like they are filling for the morning. :) My mom has a yummy recipe that's really healthy. I can't eat cheeseburgers for that same reason. The first night I kept throwing up my food and couldn't stop...left me with a stomach ache all through the night. :P I've been throwing up at least once a day (the most was 6 times I think) since February.