Friday, February 3, 2012

My Head is Spinning!

Okay God, do you know that are lease is up soon?
We have no idea where we will be living 4 months from now....

Jon is in search of a job.  Next week he has a job fair.  He's also throwing out the resume to places.  Will we be in Ames or somewhere else?  We have a place we love here in Ames that we would move to, but we won't know until end of April/May if there are openings.  However we are on the top of the list.  Three-bedroom apartment for $100 more than what we are spending on now for a one-bedroom.  I think yes. :)  The apartment is a dream! :)  Dream come true that is. :)

But we won't know for a few months.  I'm a planner.  This is making my mind spin.

Something I rarely have a problem with is faith in God.  I believe He can and will do anything.  I know He has the perfect plan for us.  A plan to stretch us, love us, and a place where we can glorify Him more!

I'm just really bad at the part where...."I just don't know what will happen in a few months."
I'm a planner...remember?  I'm the one that is writing things down on our calendar constantly.

Hopefully after the Job Fair and getting his name out there again, we can come to some conclusion of maybe where we will end up.  If nothing comes up we plan to stay in Ames, because we both have jobs here.  Because remember back a few months ago the options were Iowa City and such?  Well those didn't work out, so we went to plan B.

Thanks for sticking beside us as we figure out God's plan for us. :)
Until then, thanks for the prayers.  I know a lot of you have been praying for us and we really appreciate it.

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