Friday, December 16, 2011

The Semester Ends!

Sorry for not keeping you updated for awhile.  I have plenty to say but less than 10 minutes before I have to get going.  Since my last post I've gotten sick twice and then the days I wasn't it was "catch up days" on the apartment and on poor husband!  This past week is a blur.  I was sick for two days practically.  Jon had a final on Monday, worked on Tuesday, studied on Wednesday, and two finals on Thursday.  Now he is completely done and only has one more semester of college left!  You can only imagine our excitement!!! :)

We had it planned that Thursday night we would celebrate.  He got home from work and I was all dressed up and ready to go out!  He wanted to walk around and just enjoy the fact he is completely we picked something near the mall.  Fazoli's.  We sat down and I handed him a card. :)  My hubby's love language is words and he said if you ever want to give me a gift, just give me a card.  It's cheaper, but it means more.  Okay! :)  I can do that!! :)
(Sorry I meant to have us take our picture while we were out or before we left but I forgot since he came home and was SO hungry!)

After eating we walked around the mall and I got a couple things that I've been needing to get.  The rest of the  time was fun just to window shop. :)  He pulled the car up (burr was it cold!) and we went home.  We had planned to go to Dairy Queen (since we had coupons) but it sounded like too much.  So we got home and grabbed a few snacks junk food that we have around the apartment and watched Live Free or Die Hard that we got on Black Friday for $5.  Now that's awesome! :)  What a fun date! :)

Here's a link to the trailer.  Don't watch if you don't like action movies, seeing intense stuff, or blood.
I don't mind this stuff.  Someday we'll have a movie theater in our house but until then......
Happy Friday everyone!  Hope I get to post some more before Christmas.  Jon and I will be all over the place this year.

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