Saturday, September 24, 2011

Need a Change 101

I was getting pretty discouraged lately about my blog.  Pretty much everything about it.  I realize I need to be more on top of things.  What am I trying to share?  Looking back though my past posts I see a lot of posts about updating you on Jon and my life, posts about my thoughts on marriage or life in general, or some recipes.  I think I need to change things up a bit and maybe mess around a little bit with my formatting. 

Until then I changed the backround to my favorite color to kind of brighten my mood about my blog.

What do you think?

What suggestions can you make about my blog?
-Should I have more frequent posts?
-Do you want recipes?
-Do you want more meaningful info?
-or do you want just updates on Jon and my life?
-Do you want more pictures in the posts?

(Honestly, I've been trying to get Jon into being interested in writing a post on here to allow everyone to hear his thougts on whatever he comes up with.  Sounds fun right?) :)  Yeah, I thought so.

Please be honest with me, kind, but honest.  Thanks! :)

1 comment:

  1. I love reading your thoughts about marriage, your ideas, and things that make me think. I think a blog can never have too many pictures. Recipes are always fun to try, especially frugal recipes, since alot of your audience that I know are college students or newlyweds, but of which generally need frugal meal ideas. I think frequent posts helps people remember to check. I read one time from a "proffessional blogger" that bloggers should post something at least three times a weeks so that thier audience can have something new each time they check. They keep checking because there is constantly new stuff. I think that is true because I have checked my sisters a few times a week and there was nothing there for several days, so I stopped checking as often... I dont know just some food for thought. But if you are in need of ideas to post, people can always use an uplifting bible verse or word of encouragement. WHo knows you could make someones day. Oh and I think its good to keep your lives updated on here, I know I love reading those too :)