Monday, September 26, 2011

The Future Recipe!

So, I've only heard back from one person (thanks Erin!) on suggestions or feedback from my latest post about changing my blog and what not.  Now with answering her suggestions, I'll try to post more often.

Lately it's been hard to get my brain around a more serious heart-felt post.  My mind is going like crazy.  My poor husband has to deal with my mind wrapping around in circles and never stopping.  The latest "thing" in my (our) life is that I get to take out MOST food out of my diet (normal eating habits).  Once Supplements get in I can't eat: dairy, grain (pasta/breads/cereal), fruit, etc.  I can only drink water and can only eat eggs, meat, and veggies.  I'm prepared to go hungry.  And also prepared to make veggies in ways I have never tried before!  I'll also have to spend more time on breakfast, and also more dishes.  And probably spend more time on meals (probably making two because my hubby can't go with out pasta or cheese!).
Meat will taste so blah.
Veggies might become my new addiction.
Good-bye grape juice for dinner!  (My after work delight.)
and no more quick frozen pizza or mac and cheese.

I think I can already hear my stomach growling!
Why all these changes you ask?
Because I got some tests done and I need some healing.
This is where I went to get the testing done.


  1. It will be tough the first few days, but you will be fine and feel so good!

    I forgot to respond to your last post.

    I think the answer depends on why you blog. Do you blog to entertain readers? To inform? Our just to tell your family story?

    Once you figure out why in the world you have a blog, it makes it much easier to decide what to write.

    My friend Jami says it well. (

  2. I know what to write, but I was just hoping to get other people's feed back to hear what they would appreciate seeing. :) Never hurts to ask what the readers would like to see. :)