Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May I say something?

Already May!   Hallelujah! :)  I've been waiting for this month forever!  Not necessarily because of my birthday, but also because of the weather.  I might be crazy, but I think May has the best weather!  It's usually not too hot or too chilly.  No snow and not as many crazy cold mornings.  Plus it's not as wet.  We had a pretty wet April! It was gloomy and hard to get motivated to do anything!  I get pretty down in the dumps when the weather is not so good.  But I'm thankful I have a wonderful job that gives me a sweet, wonderful little girl who brightens my day!  I love it when she runs up to me with the biggest smile and gives me a big hug and sweet kiss on the cheek! :)

Another thing I want to mention today.  May I say it?

I love my husband!  I love it how he likes to spend some nights just cuddling on the couch and watching a movie.  I love it how he likes to run to Walmart randomly and pick up snacks!  He's always good about making sure we communicate, and never go to sleep with anger or something not resolved or discussed.  He got all dressed up for me for Easter and I'll have to post the picture soon!  (I'm not on our computer.) 

He's really focused this week for finals, but he doesn't have one on my birthday, but he does have one the next day.  However, he is willing to spend the day with me at work! :)  I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband who loves me through words and actions!

Happy May! :)
I love May!

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