Friday, January 20, 2017

These four years....

The last four years of my life has got to be the hardest, emotionally drained years I've had in my life.  I could go on and on about what life has been like, but I'll spare you and let you read previous posts if you desire to look into it a bit.

However, the next four years looks pretty draining as well.  Today we gain a new president and say good bye to one that had great strength and dignity.  The family was one I could stand up for and allow my children to watch their every move. Did I agree with everything? No. But my fears and concerns for my country were nothing compared to what the family endured each day.

Today I can't stand behind the family who is being welcomed in the White House. And what is more heart breaking is knowing I have family and friends who stands behind him and even voted for him to be there.  Even if you don't know "for sure" what all he has done, you are capable of following his Twitter account. That alone is something I could never read out loud to my daughter. We just elected a man to be President who shares things on social media that I can't read out loud to anyone in my household.

That's saying something. And I can't just sit back today with my needy children and stay silent.  I want a president who has dignity and strong social etiquette. Is that too much to ask? I think a lot of people didn't think so, until a few months ago.

Questions I consider....
Did people not realize there were choices beyond Clinton and Trump?
Do people realize what Trump has said about people of color?
Do people realize people of color live here?
Do people realize what he has said about women? About people with disabilities? What he has said about his own daughter?
Are people just pushing these concerns aside because next to his name it said Republican?

God have mercy.

My heart breaks because I'm tired of people telling those of us who don't like Trump to be silent.

Ask my husband how I go about life when something is really frustrating...
I hardly sleep.  I get really confused because why are people not seeing this??

What am I missing that all of "you" can sit back and watch Trump step into the White House and cheer? You're so thankful he was elected. You're posting links about Democrats needing to just suck it up.

By the way, I'm not a Democrat....And by how this last year has gone I'm finding myself not fitting anywhere. I don't like what Republicans are saying (and what they're not saying).

We can't go back now and change who people voted for, but all I ask is hearing us out.  If you can't admit the poor judgment Trump has on our country that's scary.  How he treats people "lower" than him is rude and inhuman.

The Gospel spreads love to all, and electing Trump has me greatly confused.  I'm not God, but I can say something when people decide to pick him because of what "he stood for as a Republican."  His actions and words are harsh and unloving.

My prayer is that as a nation we start listening.  People don't live the same way. Unfortunately people voted Trump. And I pray in four years someone will come up in the next election who stands for justice and equality for all Americans.   Someone who is easy to vote for because they hold people in their hearts, live to greater our country, and someone I can watch with my children in the room with me.

People are grieving today. Let them.

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